The Gift of Giftedness Book Launch

Since  2002 I have spent much of my time studying, teaching classes and writing on the topic of Giftedness. These experiences, and the prompting of my pastor, is what motivated me to write my (soon to be released) book, The Gift of Giftedness.  

The concept of Giftedness did not come from me or any other author, teacher, or organization. Giftedness is from God. Just as He gave us our eye color, skin tone, and other unique physical characteristics, He gave us our unique skills, talents and abilities.

My objective is to provide insight, explanation and application to the concept of Giftedness. It is not complicated but it is profound. It takes more than a quick quiz to get the full picture of how you are wired but it doesn’t need to be a labor intensive process. My hope is that by gaining understanding of this important concept and taking time to ponder pointed questions, you will be motivated to learn more about your own unique design.

Through the years I have witnessed over and over again the joy, confidence and wisdom that understanding the concept of Giftedness can bring to people. Do you want to gain understanding of your gifts? I want that for you!

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Enjoy the journey!